Live glassblowing demonstrations in Vimbodí

The blown glass technique has been declared as a Representative Manifestation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage pending to become a World Heritage.


You’ll see master glassmaker take glowing gobs of molten glass on the end of a pipe and skillfully shape them into vases, bowls, or sculptures. Watching the gaffer (another term for master glassmakers) at Glass Museum of Vimbodí i Poblet will give you a unique appreciation for the skill and artistry behind the objects you’ll encounter in the Museum’s galleries. The glassblowing technique was discovered by the Romans around 50 B.C. and many of the techniques and tools used by glassmakers today have been used for thousands of years.

The entrance includes access to the Museum’s collection, where there is a collection of old and traditional pieces of glass.


Check the timetable on the museum’s official website.


Monday and Tuesday CLOSED. Saturday afternoon from June to September will be CLOSED due to high temperatures.

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Glass Museum of Vimbodí i Poblet

+34 977 87 83 25
C. de Joan Grinyó, 11, 43430 Vimbodí, Tarragona
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