Vall del Corb

Llorac is located north of the Conca de Barberà, in the middle of the Corb valley and near the wooded areas of the Obagues del Río Corb Natural Area (EPN). In addition to the town of Llorac, it includes the towns of Rauric, Albióand Cirera, Xalets Martí and the depopulated town of Montargull.  They are all small and historic villages, surrounded by lush forests and an ideal place for hiking and mountain biking.  The village stands out from a gastronomic point of reference, the artisanal cheeses of Albió.

It is an area to relax, and spend a good weekend resting and enjoying the hospitality of its people doing rural tourism.


Montargull is located at the top of the mountain range of the same name, on the border with the region of Segarra. It is accessed by a road that goes to the right of the road and goes from Santa Coloma de Queralt to Talavera. In the sixties of the twentieth century the last family lived and the village was abandoned. Today it is partially demolished, except for the Romanesque church dedicated to Santiago, which is preserved in good condition. Every 25 July is celebrated the Aplec de Sant Jaime de Montargull.

The name Montargull means «mountain of the sheep», and is justified by being in a clearly dry terrain.


Los Chalets Martí is located at one end of the urban area, Balneari de Vallfogona. They are part of the set of Noucentista style villas that were built next to the Balneari de Vallfogona building as summer residences, between 1914 and 1931, in which the medicinal waters and the environment of the Corb River were enjoyed.

The chalets had names of the santoral, like most of its neighbors of the term of Vallfogona. Highlights include the Chalet of San Arcadio, the Torreta de Santa Bárbara or the Chalet of San Ramón Nonato, with a chapel dedicated to the saint homonymous.

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Plaça Major, 1, Llorac
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