Glass Museum of Vimbodí i Poblet

The only museum dedicated to glass in Catalonia with live demonstrations of the blown glass technique.


The visit includes a live demonstration of the blown glass technique by a master glassmaker. The blown glass technique has been declared as a Representative Manifestation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage pending to become a World Heritage.

The visit to the Museum is a tour to know the different antique glass objects, the history of the origin of glass and the glass industry at the beginning of the 20th century in Vimbodí and Poblet. It allows you to identify the objects of daily use (porron, oil…) and others that seem anecdotal (toys, marriage…) and learn the vocabulary and identify the tools of the torch and the utensils and materials used by the sargaires to cover the glass bottles.

The pieces are made by a master glassmaker and can be purchased at the Museu shop.

Every year the museum becomes the epicenter of the Artisan Glass Festival, VITRUM, which is held on the first weekend of October.


Check the schedule on the official website of museum.


The exhibition panels are only in Catalan.

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Museu i Forn de Vidre de Vimbodí i Poblet

+34 977 87 83 25
Carrer de Joan Grinyó, 11, 43430 Vimbodí, Tarragona
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