Eco-culture for families in the Museum of Rural Life

For the little ones to learn, having fun, to value some of the most essential things in life.


During the visit to the museum we will explain, through play, the interaction and artistic dynamics, how our grandparents lived and worked in the rural world. We will discover a way of life very different from the current one and from which we can learn many things. In addition, we will enter the new ethnobotanical garden and orchard of the museum to understand how some foods are grown in an ecological and sustainable way.

Then, guided by the experience of Drac Actiu we will go to the surroundings of the Castle of Riudabella where we will start an adventure in the fascinating world of bees where we will learn because these insects have a determining role for our ecosystem. Through an educational and entertaining workshop, children and adults will live the experience of discovering how bees live and the important ecological role they perform and the properties and utilities of the products they produce. We will end up in the sweetest way, tasting the delicious freshly harvested honey.

  • Maximum of 25 people per group.
  • This activity is scheduled. Consult the calendar:
  • This activity is available throughout the year for groups (minimum 15 people). In case of being a smaller group, contact the Museum.


This activity is scheduled. Consult the calendar on the official website of Museum.




Available in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

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