Can Gasol

Our house is located in the small town of Guialmons (with 12 houses). The beautiful and rural landscapes of hills and cereal fields can be perceived from all the rooms of the house providing a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It is a small, quiet and calm town with enjoyable and sunny weather both during summer and winter time. With an outside temperature of ~25-28°C the swimming pool can be used throughout the summer. With regular clear skies the magnificent spectacle of stars can be pleasantly observed from our garden and terraces.

The house is in the main street of the town and it is full of historical details: the floors are made of river boulders stones, the kitchen sink is an old stone from the XII century, one of our terraces is the old bakery oven of the house where the bread for all the province used to be made, there is an old water cistern, and the house has an old wine cellar where all the production of the province´s wine use to be developed. Our flowered garden is surrounded by ancient stone made walls and from our swimming pool the spectacular views can be enjoyed. The BBQ (barbecue) facilities are also in the garden and there is a big porch with a long table to gather all the F&F. The silence and  calm are guaranteed.



977 88 15 13 - 696 143 822
C/ Major, 8, 43429, Guialmons (Les Piles- Tarragona)
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